360° Rotating Folding Hook

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High load-bearing capacity: Imported glue has a strong viscosity, can carry all objects that need to be hung in the kitchen, and the hook will help you fix things tightly in place.
Design style: Self-adhesive hook is made of high quality ABS material, strong and durable, with excellent bending. Waterproof and corrosion resistant, simple and modern design style, compatible with any other modern design for home decoration.
EASY INSTALLATION - No need to drill, just remove the protective foil behind the hook and press to stick to the wall. Super grip prevents the hook from falling out. Universal 360 ° rotation: There is no need to worry about the wrong direction of the hook when placing the hook. The coupling shaft can be rotated 360 °, which makes it easy to handle any object hanging on the hook. This completely solves the missing hook, which can be easily tilted.