Apple Corer Slicer Peeler/Spiral/Cutter

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HARD AND DURABLE MATERIAL - ULIOLI apple peelers are made of ultra strong die-cast alloy and all blades are made of food grade stainless steel. Advanced technology and materials ensure that it has greater strength and durability, does not corrode and does not corrode.
๐Ÿ UNIVERSAL AND EASY TO REPAIR - Scraper, slicer and kernel 3 in 1, great for fruits and vegetables. It can be adapted for quick peeling, peeling and slicing of fruit at the same time, which is ideal for preparing multiple apples for cakes, jams, salads and cans. Or you can unlock the core and slicer so you can just peel them, great for potatoes, lemons and more. SMART DESIGN - Quickly and perfectly peels, peels and slices your fruit in a few seconds by turning the handle quickly and thanks to high-quality BPA-free food ingredients, it does not affect the quality and taste of the fruit itself. . It is also easy to wash and clean - just water and a cloth.
STRONG SUCTION CUP - Strong rubber vacuum base that grips the smooth table top firmly for great strength. Be sure to press firmly on the scraper base before turning the lever to allow the scraper to suck on the table. This will ensure that the scraper keeps the suction on the table. DIMENSIONS AND USES - The Apple Corer Slicer measures 11.8 x 3.94 x 5.1 inches. Quick and almost easy preparation of apples or other fruits and vegetables, great for apple or pear pies, gratinated potatoes or slices of fresh apples in cold spiral shapes for children after school.