Dining Table Decorating Pineapple Shape Golden Tray

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About this thing
Unique and modern design - a beautiful display case for solid wood fruits and vegetables. We all know that the better the air circulation around the fruit, the longer it will last.
Multi-purpose - Decorative fruit bowl can be used as a central fruit bowl with an open design in the shape of a circle. The large capacity allows you to store all kinds of fruits and vegetables such as apples, pineapples, pears, bananas, grapes, mangoes, lemons, tomatoes, pastries and more!
Home Decor - Our fruit bowl is a great way to liven up any table or appliance. It is already very difficult to resist the temptation of ripe fruit, so imagine how beautiful they would look if they were attractively wrapped in your new bowl. Choose from five vibrant colors and brighten up your dining and living tables. Take them everywhere because they are light and ideal for picnics, holiday decorations, weddings, parties.
Space saving - You can save a lot of space in the kitchen with a fruit bowl. This will not only provide space in your refrigerators, it will also help solve the problem of fruit lying on the worktop. Choosing a Fruit Basket will definitely help you eat the whole family healthier by always having enough fruits and vegetables on hand. Thanks to this fruit bowl, healthy food is easy to digest.
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