Haeger Dry Iron

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Model No: HG-1108

It has a smart and compact design that would let you store it anywhere in your home. The handle will assure a firm and easy grip as well. This Prestige iron comes with a ceramic coated soleplate. It is responsible for allowing the iron to glide smoothly across the clothes in a hassle-free manner. This also helps in preventing the clothes from sticking to the surface of the warm iron....


-Compact, small iron.

-It will be very convenient to take it on trips.

-Takes up very little space.

-Heats up very quickly.

-Smooths things out pretty well and quickly.

-Vertical steaming

-Indicator light - yes


-Ceramic sole 21 x 11cm

-Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 11cm

-Power: 1600W