Hanger For Dupatta/Scarf Organizer

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EASY ORGANIZATION: Add convenient, custom storage to any closet with this 15-ring dupatta hanger. Keep all your wardrobe accessories clean, tidy and in place with these coat hangers. Ideal for men's, women's and children's clothing; Organize workout gear, tights, nylons, scarves, dupattas, infinity scarves, scarves, scarves, head wraps, bands, bow ties, belts, pashminas and more. - SPACE SAVING: This coat rack simply hangs on a closet rod without the need for hardware or tools; Just hang it up and it's ready to go; Slim profile helps conserve valuable storage and maximize vertical space; Ideal for men's, women's and children's clothing; Keep things organized, easy to find and clutter-free; Ideal for organizing women's tights. -FUNCTIONAL AND VERSATILE: 15 rings for hanging clothes; Pull scarves, dupattas and other items through the curved bars; Designed smoothly to prevent clothes from catching and snagging; Great as closet hangers, Perfect for maximizing space in any closet; EITHEO- Create a storage center in your room as an entryway for winter scarves and cold weather accessories. -NO WRINKLES NO SNAGS NO SLIPS with these scarf hangers. This 15 ring dupatta hanger allows your plain dupatta, scarf to stay in your dupatta hanger too and not slide and get lost at the bottom of your closets. High Quality and Beautiful Scarf Wrap Scarf Bags Hanger Hangers / bBelt Rack / Scarves Scarves Hanger Organizer Designed to organize your wardrobe to accommodate all those dangling scarves, ties, stoles, dupattas and belts. Made of high quality plastic, the scarf hanger is very durable. It takes up little space like a clothes hanger, but holds 15 different accessories. Durable construction, slim space-saving design.