Prowax Professional Hair Removal Wax Heater

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For professional and home use: The Wax Heater and Warmer is suitable for cosmetic professionals and home users.
All in one: No need to spend money on different accessories, as our package includes a wax heater, 100 g of wax beans and wooden sticks.
High quality results: Achieve high quality results in minutes in the comfort of your home or salon with the high quality Pro-wax 100 heater.
Easy and portable: The wax heating machine is easy to use, clean, easy to disassemble, convenient and practical. The wax heating machine is easy to carry and carry. Compatible with all types of wax: The wax heating machine is compatible with melting all types of wax, including wax seeds, hard wax, bean wax, hot wax and Rica wax for safe, fast and quick hair removal.
Adjustable temperature control: The wax heater has a thermostatically controlled temperature knob that gives you complete control over the heat, as different types of wax require different temperatures to melt.