RAF Air Fryer 8L R.5337

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Brand: RAF 

Model No: R.5337

Type: Air Fryer 

Power: 1500W

Size: 8L 

•RAF Air Fryer 8 litres R.5337 digital warm, grilling and deep frying pan for deep frying Grilling, frying, baking and roasting warmness food, keep it heat and defrost Low fats and gentle cooking with hot air With thermostat and timer manage The rated power is 1500 watts The rated volume is 8 liters.

•Frying with out oil, without smoke, low in fat and clean to easy tool. buy this Air Fryer from UMODS.PK

•The smart temperature control system heats the meals lightly, frying with oil may be replaced with a hot flow of heat. way to this, the food is heated quick and crispy, and on the same time low in fat.

•The deep fryer can successfully reduce fat and put off oil at the same time as keeping juices. The meals incorporates less fat and is crispier and juicier than conventional fried ingredients.