RAF Digital Air Fryer 8L R.5309

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RAF 8L 1800W Digital Air Fryer | R5309
Frying without oil, smokeless appliance, low in fat and easy to clean.

Intelligent temperature control system heats food evenly, oil frying can be replaced with hot heat flux. Thanks to this, the food heats up quickly and is crispy and at the same time low in fat.

The air fryer can effectively reduce fat and remove oil while keeping the juices. The food contains less fat and is crispier and juicier than traditional frying.
Electronic control and LCD display
Electronic touch control with LCD screen. Choose from many automatic operating modes such as: chicken, fries, seafood, biscuits, steak, kebabs, sweet potatoes or use the manual mode and set the desired temperature and operating time yourself.

After finishing the work, the device will automatically shut down and announce the end of the work. 8L large capacity and 1800W high power
Large-capacity fryer, suitable for all kinds of delicacies, such as: baked chicken, baked fish, grill, cake, baked chicken wings, baked bread and biscuits.
If you want to eat healthy, investing in a deep fryer is worth it!
Enjoy healthy and delicious food every day. Thanks to our fryer you will reduce the consumption of fatty foods without having to give up your favorite snacks.

Our device is ideal for frying, grilling, baking, heating, defrosting, keeping warm and baking bread. Specifications
Modern premium multifunctional device for frying, grilling, baking, reheating, defrosting, keeping warm and baking bread!
Minimizes the level of fat, even by 80-90%
The secret of the device lies in the circulation of warm air inside the device!
Perfect for preparing healthy meals and snacks like fries, chicken, steak and more!
A high quality model of the RAF fryer.
Very large frying basket capacity, up to 8 litres, which distinguishes the device from others available on the market. Electronic control and LCD display
automatic shutdown
The very high power up to 1800 W and the efficiency up to 8 l make the device unrivaled on the market.
Non-stick food basket with LFGB coating and removable and easy to clean filter inside the basket. Modern device design.
Overheating protection function. Many modes of operation such as: chicken, fries, seafood, biscuit, steak, kebabs, sweet potatoes and your schedule.
Electronically controlled temperature. Electronic timer that automatically turns off the device for more convenient frying after the selected number of minutes.
The specially designed air circulation ensures fast and optimal frying and energy savings. Temperature resistant handle, does not get hot during operation.
The RAF fryer means healthier and tastier food. User manual in Polish.
Modern aesthetic packaging perfect for a gift.